Vinyl Fencing

At Regal Fence we provide some of the best & most cost efficient solutions for vinyl fencing, but most importantly we like to make sure your project is done right the first time! That's why we provide a 3 year Installation Warranty, because we are more than confident with the work and solutions we provide you as a loyal customer.

Is Vinyl Fencing best for you?

It's not difficult to understand the benefits of a vinyl fence. In Ohio, wood fences may very well need to be painted and/or resealed every year due to extreme temperature changes. They are also more susceptible to pests and, of course, fire. In the past, vinyl products have faded with exposure to the sun and can become brittle in freezing tempetures, but new coatings and treatments have eliminated these problems. A quality vinyl fence should be the last fence you'll ever need again.So whats holding you back call now and get a free estimate!


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